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How can I register an interest in my child joining Scouting?

If your child is already a Cub Scout in a Group within the District, there is no need to register an interest in moving up to Scouts.  We do our very best to ensure that every Cub within the District is able to move up to Scouts within their Group.  In a few rare cases, limits on numbers mean the transfer may be postponed for a term, but we try to make sure that doesn’t happen.  If you have any questions about Moving Up please talk to your respective Cub Scout Leadership team.

If your child is not already a Cub Scout within the District and is currently over 10 years old, your child can join our District Waiting List.   As and when places become available within the District, we will contact the parents of young people on our List and attempt to fill the places.  Please review our Waiting List Policy to see how we manage the list, and complete the form below


In order to add the young person’s details to our records, please complete the form below, which will be sent to one or more of our leaders.


Parent / Guardian Contact Details

Use this form to submit the details of the young person wanting to join the Waiting List.

* Parent name:
* Tel No:
* Email:
* Address:
* Town / Village:
* Postcode:

Young Person's Details

Details of the Young Person wanting to join

* Young Persons name:
* Date of Birth:
* Gender:
* Section:
Preferred Group:
Contact Message:
Yes Disabled No
Leave the selection above as
'Harpenden and Wheathampstead District Scouts'
if you do not have a preference for any particular Group


Please read our Waiting List Policy and tick below to state that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions in it.

Type phrase below:

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