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ASU Newsletter - November 2020
08/11/2020 By Dave Lowndes

Hi all
"Long time no see" for many of you nor any news to bring you given the ASU's lack of activity.
But as I have just had a message from Rikki about Cubs' Christmas card delivery, I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know what is happening.   It goes without saying of course that we would much rather be involved but hopefully we can have a record year in 2021!
Rikki said:
With churches not being open and it being impossible (illegal, even!) to distribute the post boxes and, quite possibly, gathering to do the sorting, I’ve had to drastically rethink the card service, which will be very greatly reduced in scope. We will be inviting Cubs to deliver up to 10 cards from an elderly person known to them, and we will be offering to deliver cards from three care homes (Homedell, Arcadian Ct and Walkers Ct), with a leader from each of three Packs (Andrew Dadswell, Jackie Agg and one other) sorting the cards at home and passing them to Cubs in their own Pack to deliver. I doubt that the ASU was expecting to be asked this year, but this is to let you know that, sadly, we won’t be having any gatherings at HQs and hence won’t need help.  
I hope you and yours are well and maybe we will be able to have some sort of family Christmas although clearly not "normal"!!
Take care, Dave

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